Patient Reviews

*“Dr. Kelleher has treated my wife, my sister-in-law and me, and all of us have been thoroughly impressed with how much better we felt after his treatment. Dr. Kelleher is an exceptional chiropractor and I highly recommend him.”
Wade H.

*“Much to my relief, you were able to pinpoint the problem in a matter of minutes, and after eliminating the impingements in my shoulders and biceps I was back to 100%! No more numbness.”
Joel N.

*“I have been to many Chiropractors before but have never met one like Dr. Kelleher. He is amazingly knowledgeable, skilled and truly cares. He is one of a kind.”
Roger R.

*“Wonderful staff, great Dr. who genuinely cares about improving functionality, pain and mobility. Very Genuine, Highly Recommend.”
Mel H

*“They staff is awesome and they are all very knowledgeable! I love ho they offer sports physicals! And they squeeze you in their busy schedule! I have to say this place loves what they do and their customers! I would recommend this place to every one! Thank you”
Tanner Coatings

*“I, Susan Oliver have been a patient of Dr. Kelleher's for 15+ years. I would never go anywhere else for chiropractic care unless maybe out of town. He has always helped my aches and pains easing them to totally erasing many. His staff has always been more than helpful working with my late schedule to fit me in at near closing time. I would recommend Kelleher Chiropractic Clinic to anyone seeking this type of treatment. Thanks for all you have done for me.”
William Oliver

*“I've been seeing Dr. Kelleher for a couple of years now. The office staff is always professional, efficient, and friendly. Dr. Kelleher, in my opinion, is sincerely concerned about the health of his patience and puts forth every effort to provide the best treatment possible. I strongly recommend Dr. Kelleher.”
Del Wimberly

*“The staff is ALWAYS friendly and helpful. Back in June he let me know a pain I was having in my left shoulder blade was an indication of gall bladder trouble and sure enough the next day I went into the hospital and had to have surgery. I would not have had any idea what was wrong when I got sick if it hadn't been for that.”
Randy Cole

*“Always a very positive experience when I visit Dr. Kelleher's office. His staff is very personable and Dr. Kelleher has always helped me tremendously. I don't think I would be able to walk if not for him. When my back has gone out, I am in pain and my mobility is almost nil. I think our community is blessed to have him and his practice here.”
Jacque Avant

*“I have been coming to see Dr.Kelleher for more than 15 years and he does a great job,keeps my back tuned up.very nice and friendly family and great staff too. We talk deer and turkey hunting also,along with a little religion .”

*“Dr. Kelleher gets the job done. He is the best chiropractor I have been to. He listens to the problem and does what he can to fix it.”
Kelly Sapp

*“Dr. Todd's the best, girl's up front do a great job too. He help's me everytime I see him, truely care's”
Alex McGuire

*“Dr. Kelleher does a fantastic job! Great adjustments and office visit experiences!”
Jennifer Flory

*“Went to Kelleher on recommendation of several co-workers and friends. Staff is very friendly and professional. Dr. Kelleher was able to significantly reduce my back pain after only the first few visits.”
Edgar Carstens

*“Excellent doctor with a fantastic personality ”
David Jiles

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